Why managing stress and building resilience is important

Aside from the personal impact of stress, it is now the biggest cause of long term absence in the workplace and can result in claims for industrial injury.  Long before absence occurs, performance drops markedly, resulting in low quality, reduced productivity and poor customer interactions.  On the other hand, workplace wellness programmes have helped some companies achieve status as ‘Best companies to work for’.

The impact of stress depends on our personal resilience, and high levels of this ‘mental toughness’ have been correlated to seniority in organisations.  Although individuals have greatly varying levels of resilience, the mental approaches to resilience have been modelled and can be taught by our expert facilitators to make your staff fit for leadership.

Course overview

This course is designed to help manage stress in the workplace and reduce consequent illness and absence.  The features of wellness in the workplace and how they can help to transform your organisation into a high performing team are described.  Practical tools and techniques for building resilience will be practiced.

The course is interactive and participative and will result in real changes to behaviours and improved performance.

 ‘I found the entire presentation resonated to an almost deafening state. Thank You!!!!’  David Anderson

In this workshop we will cover:

  • Why it is important to manage stress at work, including some case studies from the news
  • An overview of the stress response mechanism and its effects on the body and brain.
  • Causes of stress and what to do about them.
  • A sliding scale of symptoms of stress and how to spot them in yourself and others.
  • Impact of stress on personal and organisational performance.
  • Your responsibilities as an employer, a manager and an individual.
  • Strategies for Workplace Wellness and how to move towards being a high performance organisation and a ‘best company to work for’.
  • Building resilience – practical tools and techniques for becoming more resilient to equip you for senior positions.

Workshop style and presenters

The workshop will be run in small groups in a participative and interactive style by experienced facilitators with broad and deep expertise in stress management, workplace wellness programmes and tools and techniques for building resilience.


To the organisation

You will be:

For the individual

You will:

  • Reducing stress on your employees and increasing their creativity, productivity, quality, and customer interactions
  • Discharging your ‘Duty of care to employees’
  • Helping to increase the resilience of your employees so that they are fit for more responsibility
  • Moving towards a ‘best company to work for’ rather than allowing a sick working environment to develop
  • Limiting your exposure to absence due to stress related illness – now the biggest course of absence in the workplace
  • Mitigating the risks of tribunal for industrial injury for work related stress.
  • Understand stress and how to mitigate its effects
  • Understand your duties as a manager and as an individual in reducing stress related illness
  • Learn practical tools and techniques for building your personal resilience so that you can take more in your stride and be fit for senior management positions
  • Learn about workplace wellness and how to make the hours you spend at work fulfilling rather than draining
  • Understand your place in creating a high performance team.


Course details

  • Our courses run from 9:30 until 4:30
  • Public dates are advertised on www.Stress-Man.co.uk
  • Our regular venues are London and Milton Keynes.
  • We will be happy to run a workshop for you in-house and offer some customisation to your specific organisational requirements.
  • Costs are £495+VAT per person for public courses, with 20% discount for multiple bookings.
  • Call us to discuss rates for in-house courses.

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