Apps that know how you how you feel about workplace stress – and help you to do something about it

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Phone Apps are in proving trials that can monitor your voice and chart your mood over the day and prolonged periods of time.  An insurance company has already expressed interest as a way of monitoring how effective, or not, current interventions are for insured workplace stress.  Read the full article in New Scientist

People suffering from depression are asked to fill in ‘mood sheets’.  But when we are depressed, it may be the last thing on our minds and they tend not to get filled in.  Automated recording of mood from voice tonality can record that for you.  Moreover, it can be used to identify triggers for up-swings and down-swings.  Over a period of time it can be used to monitor the effectiveness of interventions.  It is great to hear that some parties are taking stress in the work place seriously.  Hopefully, there will be more investment in developing resilience too so that such interventions are not necessary.

Tone of voice

In NLP we always say that you have to develop and use sensory acuity to look / listen for changes in physiology.  With our interventions we usually see results within hours rather than months so they are easy to monitor.  For traditional therapies, however, an app like this sounds like a positive step.


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